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About Me:

I'm a 28yr old Gamer who plays WOW. I have 19! lvl80 Epic'd out Paladins whom I set to raid spec and run 25mans all night long. Once I entered them all into PVP and commanded them to spam "BLOOD, DEATH & VENGEANCE" The other N00B's just camped the flag spawn and I just spamed my pally smite and crit their pantz.

My hot asian wife of 26 plays wow with me and the children late into the night. At 1AM'ish we put the children to bed and play COD4 till 4AM, naked, while eating cold hot dogs.

I love my children and they make daddy so proud when they bring him 15,000 Gold each week. It is then I allow my "hot asian wife" to make them a hot pocket of their very own. I just love to hear there little voices scamper down the basement steps yelling "MOM, MOM, MORE HOTPOCKETS!!!!" or.. "Bafroom!!! Bafrooom!!"

I also have a stong fetish for Unicorns and love to play with them in my spare time. when I'm not in WOW or banging my "hot asian wife," I'm in vent singing my favorite song. you should be able to hear it in the background if you turn up your audio.

My favorite is my sweet white unicorn named Nanny, whom I play with all day long and brush her silky white hair.

Unicorns are supposed to be so pure and innocent that only a virgin maiden can approach one. This makes me gigle with joy because in my dreams I Too am a maiden virgin! yay!

I dream of the unicorn, that's snowy and white.
I dream of this unicorn with eyes as black as night.
I ride him far across a forest glen,
I soar with him over fields and fen.
On his wings of silver it seems,
That the life I knew was only a dream.
The stars rush past like the crystals of night,
Everything seems real in our dream star flight.
Then we come home as the moon is reborn,
And I dream of the flight of that last unicorn.
By Nikki Jeske

See the unicorn as it frolics in the sun! WeeeeOOweeeOOohWEEEEeeeeeeee

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